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After winning the 'Lush Prize' in November 2020, we are even more motivated to continue our Helpathon practice and making a difference in the field of animal free research.

Planned activities 2022:


Can you nominate a researcher in the UK we can help?

In collaboration with the Alliance for Human Relevant Science and Animal Free Research UK the TPI Helpathon team is organizing a Helpathon in the UK for UK bases biomedical researchers with a practice involving animal testing.

Carla Owen, Chair of the Alliance is very enthusiastic, many helpers cannot wait to participate. This first UK Helpathon will be hosted by the Alliance for Human Relevant Science on 11 and 12 October with the help of the TPI Helpathon team. Many of you have experienced the merits of a Helpahton. Please let us know who you would like to nominate you feel could benefit from a Helpathon and would dare to call for help to explore innovative animal free innovation possibilities. You can also apply directly through:

Helpathon masterclass #2

After a successful masterclass #1 we will continue with the next masterclass ‘learning how to organise and facilitate a Helpathon’, starting as soon as we have 15 participants subscribed. The duration of the masterclass is 6 weeks and includes 6 hybrid lessons given by various Helpathon experts (Sue Gibbs, Pepik Henneman, Jantine Wijnja and others). Besides the group lessons we will read, listen, imagine and very important: practice! You will experience how it is to work with a Helpathon mindset.

“What a great process is the helpathon, I'm a fan! The openness and willingness to get somewhere together is very inspiring.”

There are still places available for the Helpathon masterclass. Are you curious to learn how to organise your own Helpathon?

Click here for more information about the programm, the content and subscription.

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