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After winning the lush prize in November 2020, we are even more motivated to continue our Helpathon practice and making a difference in the field of animal free research.

The planned activities for 2021 are:

October 13th-14th, 2021

TPI-Helpathon #5

**We are happy to announce that TPI-Helpathon #5 will be held October 13th & 14th, 2021 organized together with TPI Amsterdam (a collaboration between Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Amsterdam UMC). Two very enthusiastic and committed researchers from the Amsterdam UMC/VUmc, Netherlands, are so brave to share their research questions with us, aiming to take science one step further with your help.

Diederik Kuster, is a scientist working on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and is looking for help in developing a non-animal model for metabolic stress, linked to obesity, which in turn has an effect on the heart/muscle cell function.

"Since 1989 we know that the disease is caused by mutations. Today we still can’t predict who will get sick, nor can we do much to stop the disease from developing. If we found out more about what happens in between we would know much better who to help and how. It's a puzzle worth solving."

Click here for more information and sign up to help Diederik.

Rick Meijer, is a clinician specialized in vascular medicine, and wants to personalize preventative treatment for his diabetes patients. Rick is looking for help in finding the best suitable human models for his research on the effect of leucine on muscle blood flow.

“In my work I see many diabetes patients and the complications of this disease they face. I also see remarkable differences in the development of this disease. It would be great if this research on the effect of leucine can allow me and my colleagues to provide better and personalized care to my patients in the future. And I'm sure if we can solve this puzzle with human models, the solution can be applied in other areas as well.”

Click here for more information and sign up to help Rick.

Organisational details
Helpathon #5 will be a hybrid event, and takes place both online and in real life at the VU campus (Amsterdam). The platform we use will enable all attendees to communicate with presenters and other participants, through video, chat and Q&A.

Wednesday 13th October
Session 1: 13h00 - 14h00 Presentation questions Rick and Diederik
Session 2: 14h15 - 16h30 Open space
Session 3: 19h00 - 20h00 Power to imagination

Thursday 14th October
Session 4: 09h00 - 09h45 Consolidation of the solutions
Session 5: 10h00 - 12h00 Working out ideas & preparing presentations
Session 6: 12h00 - 13h00 Final presentations

- If you are joining us from different time zone we will make sure you will get a handover to be able to make you contribution whilst we sleep.
- If you want and can participate we urge you to free your agenda for the 24 hours, if you cannot make it you are welcome to join the kick off presentations (session 1) and the final presentations (session 6), just let us know when registering.



Helpathon masterclass #2

After a successful masterclass #1 we will continue with the next masterclass ‘learning how to organise and facilitate a Helpathon’, starting in 2021 as soon as we have 15 participants subscribed. The duration of the masterclass is 6 weeks and includes 6 hybrid lessons given by various Helpathon experts (Sue Gibbs, Pepik Henneman, Jantine Wijnja and others). Besides the group lessons we will read, listen, imagine and very important: practice! You will experience how it is to work with a Helpathon mindset.

“What a great process is the helpathon, I'm a fan! The openness and willingness to get somewhere together is very inspiring.”

There are still places available for the Helpathon masterclass. Are you curious to learn how to organise your own Helpathon?

Click here for more information about the programm, the content and subscription.

Q4, 2021

International TPI-Helpathon #6

We are happy to announce that Helpathon #6 is coming up. We are planning to organise this Helpathon in June 2021. New in this Helpathon is that we explicitly invite members of the Animal Experiments Committees and Health research financiers/Health Funds, besides everyone else who is willing to help and think along.

Are you wondering how you and your organisation can contribute to the shift from current research practice towards animal free research practice? Do you have a relevant question regarding your research(models) but never knew who to ask. Let the Helpathon team help you! We have three spaces available for researchers, Animal Experiments Committee members, financiers and others who are involved in the field of health research to ask their questions for the coming Helpathon.

Click here for more information and to share your question with us!

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